NPR: Planet Money’s most and least lucrative college majors

In the NPR podcast from Planet Money, the most (and least) lucrative college majors were discussed and I can’t say that it surprised me which career fields fell where they did.

Technology fields, such as health sciences and computer sciences, were at the top of the pyramid as per usual, while social sciences and the arts fell at the bottom.

“How important is your major? It’s even more important than the school you go to,” says Planet Money correspondent Lisa Chow. An economist at Georgetown University goes on to support this by saying “If you go to Harvard and pay all that money and become a school teacher, you won’t be earning more than other school teachers.”

That begs the question, what is the end goal of college? I think that that is a question for personal reflection. For me, it has always been about the experience and the opportunities that college would offer me, not the money that I will make afterward. It is because of this that my decision to major in English was one that was made effortlessly. I chose a path that would lead me to something I love.

As in every case, there are people who defy the odds. However, while there are those stand outs that did not study science and technology majors and have made fortunes, most of us are the rule, not the exception.